Green is the New Black

Pico Rivera, California - August 7, 2007 — “Going Green” is the trend in retail construction and now the same is true at Reeve’s production and warehouse facilities.

In the past 14 months Reeve has replaced all of the lighting in their six factory buildings and warehouse with low energy flourescent lights. New skylights were installed in their large warehouse to reduce the need for artificial lighting. Every urinal at Reeve was replaced with new waterless urinals in order to conserve water, a precious resource in California.

Reeve’s wholly owned subsidiary, Pico Rivera Plating, recently added skylights, new lighting and low energy gas fired burners in its operation. Pico Rivera Plating installed a new water filtration system that filters the plating bath water to the point where it is cleaner than the local drinking water. All waste products are smelted in order to recycle the zinc used in the plating process. Reeve is also working on obtaining LEED certification from the US Green Building Council for its fixtures (”


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